Monday, April 11, 2011


Every once in a while I encounter users I am helping online to remove malware who tell me: "I think I will have this resolved by an Expert..." Usually this happens when things do not go as fast as anticipated. Said Expert usually is a form of paid support (whether that is online/remote support or a local repair shop).

This always makes me wonder: can you only be considered an expert if you are paid for what you do? That would be a discouraging conclusion, meaning that no matter how hard or how well I work in malware removal, as long as I do that on a voluntary basis, I'm still considered "next-best". Now I know quite a few people more knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to malware removal than I am, but they also are working as volunteers.

So, why does "getting paid" inspire more confidence than being a volunteer? I have no idea. I have my own "policy", which means that I do my best to help everyone as best as I can. I think I can safely say that I have managed so far to bring that in practice. If that is still not enough, then by all means, find an Expert...


  1. People instinctively perceive value as measured in dollars and cents.

    "If you're giving something away then obviously it can't be as good as something you'd charge $5 for."

  2. LOL Andrew, at least I don't have to worry about refunds.

  3. paid = expert ...Where do the Best Buy Geeks who say that logical drives went away with DOS or the local independent independent shops who do virus removal for $49 using free automated programs fall in this category?

    free = second best ...I wonder how many people have discovered the wealth of resources the volunteers here and at similar sites provide?

  4. Aren't the BEST things in life free ?

  5. You helped me fix a nasty problem on my daughter's PC about a year ago. I DEFINITELY consider you (and your colleagues)an EXPERT. Unfortunately I find myself in a similar situation on a different machine. I once again have turned to you (experts) for help. Thank you for your excellent work.

  6. I can only hope to receive help from you on bleepingcomputer with my issues!

    I work on family and friends PCs as a hobby. But if I get stuck, I know my depth, I head over to bleeping for information and help.

    I would never devalue your help with such a degrading comment such as that.

  7. Just want to thank you for your expertise and help. The methods you posted elsewhere were what I needed to remove the svchost.exe *32 virus from my computer. THANK YOU!